How to instruct our Process Servers

We make the delivery and service of papers in West Midlands area a simple and cost-effective process. We always suggest speaking to us beforehand so we can confirm availability and discuss any potential problems serving the papers with you. We can be contact on 0113 286 8380.

The quickest way to instruct us is by email. Simply send us one copy of the papers to be served along with your letter of instruction. We will print the required sets of papers for service.

To instruct us in writing - we prefer papers to be sent to our Head Office address but they can go direct to the Regional Office if time is short.

Please send the documents you require serving plus a copy of these to us.

Head Office
P&B Collection Services
19 White Rose Way
LS25 2EF


Regional Office
P&B Collection Services
2 Highgrove Place
West Midlands

Please try and include an email address and a contact name of the person dealing with the case. We will normally confirm safe receipt of your documents either by email or telephone.

Check the following before instructing us:-

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